Pedagogisch medewerker

My name is Mary Romeo Niza. I’m a mother of one. Besides the Amake foundation I am a journalist.

At Amake I am the teacher that looks after the children for the teenage mothers when they go to school. My interest in dedicating to the Amake foundation is to ecourage my fellow young mom’s in going back to school. If I can obtain the little education that I have while I am a mother… I think they can also do it..

The other reason why my dedication to the Amake foundation is strong is, because since I was a child I have had a dream of helping and working for the community. My parents died when I was just four years old so I was kept by many different people. Looking at how I was raised, I know how it feels when you really want something but you have no where to get it from.

The moment I come across the Amake foundation it was like a dream came true. My goals for the future around Amake is to see my fellow young mothers become successful in helping their children and someone in need out there some day.
I would also like to see the Amake foundation grew big and bring in some other people like old aged, orphans and street kids.