My name is Mary Sakala. I’m the founder of Amake foundation. I’m married and a mother of two kids. Besides Amake, i’m also a social worker.

I am the director and the founder of the Amake foundation. My role is to make sure the girls are getting the best they can and make them appreciate what the Amake foundation is doing for them.

I’m dedicated to Amake, because of how I grew up. When I was at school I was helped by a woman who was our neighbor. She would pay my school fees and do other things for me. I have seen a lot of girls drop out of school, because the got pregnant. Here in Zambia it is forbidden to have a child before marriage. For that, many families do not support the child of the girl and for many girls it means the end of their future.

I thought I could help them and that’s how I started taking teenage mothers back to school. I always ecourage them that everyone has a second chance in life and you can do something better. Even if you have a child.

My goal is to see the Amake foundation grew international, because it’s not only here in Zambia where teenage mothers need help, but they also need a hand in other countries, because they have a hard time in society. I also want to see girls achieve their goals and become successful.